Great Architect Designed Homes In Australia

Are you familiar with the differences between a building designer and an architect?

Basically, the differences between these two professionals is quite confusing; however, there is one distinct way to tell them apart.  A qualified architect must be registered by a State based architecture board.

Exactly what is an architect?

  • You must have the following to be deemed an architect:
  • An architecture degree
  • Liability insurance
  • Registration with the governing architecture body in your state

An Architect Builder Explained: Is that a Good Floor Plan?

One of my clients wanted to know if a particular floor plan was a good one.  I responded by asking him if there was really such a thing.  I told him that good architect designed homes start with a plan that has an awesome design.  But how can you tell if it is a good one?

There are many things that go into producing a great floor design. In addition, what you like may not suit anyone else.

Your skillset, experience and how you were trained determines whether or not you can create a great floor design.  A successful architect builder knows how to create functional floor plans for many kinds of buildings. It does not matter if they are for renovations, new homes or commercial properties.  With the right design skills, a good architect can make a functional plan a really awesome one.  So, what makes a floor design great?

External Reasons

Many people view home designs as a way to layout the interior of a home.  This is good reasoning; however, a good layout should be based upon other things such as the following:


Air flows in many different directions.  This is especially true for house design Australia plans.  Actually, all regions have a prevailing breeze. However, the direction of air flow, it has to cool down your home.  This is why a good home design must plan for cross air ventilation.  Not only will this keep your utility bills down, but also make your home very comfortable.  If a good architect builder accounts for natural ventilation, all the rooms in your home can leverage the prevailing breeze.


The sun impacts a floor plan in two major ways.  First, it makes it easier for you to keep down your utility bills by taking advantage of natural sunlight.  The second way relates to protection from heat and glare.

It’s hard to deny that natural lighting is much better than electric lighting.  This is why it is good to understand how sunlight hits your home at different times of the day and year.  It is also good to understand how to leverage this information so that each room gets the most sunlight as possible.

Since Australia has a sub-tropical climate, temperatures get extremely high.  This is why architect designed homes must have floor plans that provide heat and glare protection from the sun.  Queensland residents love to spend time in their outdoor living spaces; however, these spaces have to be cool enough for them to enjoy.

Surprisingly, outdoor spaces are not the only ones that have to be carefully planned to ensure comfort.  Did you know direct sunlight on a brick home can make it feel like an oven in terms of comfort?  Successfully planned home designs must provide for this level of livability.


Location is everything, and some homes have great views.  Unfortunately, not all homes have this quality.  Thus, a qualified architect builder knows how to build a great floor plan based upon a home’s assets.  Is there a certain room of your home that can take advantage of the property’s great view?

Are there things you want to hide such as a parking lot, a neighbor’s pool or busy street?  This might be a good place to location things in your home such as a laundry room, bathroom or guest room.  On the flip side, most homeowners want their kitchens, entertaining spaces, living rooms or master bedrooms to have great views.


Not all homeowners have irritating noises from the outside, but for others, this is not the case.  Maybe you have a school, shopping center, athletic field or busy intersection close to your home.  These things can greatly reduce the comfort level.  An ideal house design Australia plan can totally reduce or eliminate this problem.


Of course, you cannot forget the spaces around your home.  These areas have to flow well with the internal spaces.  This is the only way to ensure balance within your home.  Professionally crafted architect designed homes make this happen in a way that is not only desirable, but also functional.

The Power of Marketing

When potential buyers and renters visit a home, one of the things they consider the most is the floor plan.  How does the space flow?  Is it inviting?

A 2018 study by Rightmove says that real estate agents think that floor plans are very important.  Twenty percent of them won’t show a property if it lacks an adequate floor plan.  They believe that floor plans are more important than property descriptions and photos.  However, when hiring a real agent, the same study says 42 percent of sellers will not hire an agent that does not suggest a floor plan.

When it comes to online listing, click-throughs go up by 52 percent when a floor plan is listed.  A good floor plan is also ideal for communicating with vendors and contractors about potential remodels.

The Best Way to Draw a Floor Plan

Use the following tips to create an awesome floor plan:

  • Choose the right area. For an existing area, determine what to include in the plan.  If it has not been constructed as of yet, design based upon the size and shape.
  • Take plenty of measurements. For an existing area, measure walls, doors and furniture to ensure accuracy.  If it is for a new area, ensure the total area measurements.  Use similar buildings for ideas.
  • Draw walls.  Add walls and make sure they are to scale.
  • Add architectural features. Add features by paying attention to things that cannot be changed such as windows and doors.  This also includes things such as appliances that have to be put in specific locations.
  • Add furniture to your drawing.